Demolition Permit Application

The Town of Bourbon has several requirements for building or structure demolition:

  • $10,000 bond indemnifying the town against all loss or damage to public ways, public places, or any other public property.
  • Resolve any traffic control issues with the police chief.
  • Resolve any utility shut off requirements with the appropriate department head.
  • Provide a plan for preventing debris, trash, or property of any kind from leaving the property during the demolition.
  • Provide the town with proof of liability insurance: $250,000 for residential or $1,000,000 for commercial or industrial.

NOTE: The Town of Bourbon requires that the property be returned to grade level with at least 3 inches of topsoil unless a replacement structure is to be built, and a proper building permit has been obtained.

A permit fee of $100 is due after approval but before work is started. Checks must be made payable to the Town of Bourbon. Please fill out the form below to begin the permitting process.