Photos by Orion W. Lemler, Derek Jensen & Bill Paolucci.

Trojan Country

Bourbon, Indiana is located in east central Marshall County in Bourbon Township, at the junction of State Highway 331 and US 30 in the heart of TROJAN COUNTRY.

Pump Although Bourbon has experienced phenomenal growth over the years it has maintained the quality of life associated with a small town rural atmosphere.

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Bourbon Municipal Codes

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Click Before the earliest settlers came from Bourbon County, Kentucky, in 1836 the Bourbon area was the land of the Potawatomi Indians. Old surveys in the county surveyor's office show the Indian trails, including one that runs from the Potawatomi Park village site in the South Bend area through the present town of Bourbon. Two of the old trails ran through the woods between 14B and 15th Roads east of IN 331. Between these trails (traces of one which can still be seen) is a natural amphitheater, which the old timers said, was where the Indians held their council meetings.

Click Bourbon Township was organized in 1840, including what is now Tippecanoe Township. In 1842, Tippecanoe became a separate township. In anticipation of the arrival of the railroad, the town of Bourbon was laid out in 1853. The railroad arrived in 1856; the town incorporated in 1865.

With the arrival of the railroad, Bourbon became a booming lumber town. From 1864 to 1867 over a thousand railroad cars of lumber were shipped each year. Early Bourbonites were proud of saying that Bourbon was the biggest stop between Fort Wayne and Chicago. The cutting of the trees for lumber was followed by clearing of the land for farming, and the community became known for its rich soil, well-bred livestock and good farmers.

The people were strong believers and early churches were important to the people of Bourbon; however, the path was not easy. The records of local churches show such things as church burnings and bombings believed to be related to the causes of slavery and prohibition. Many stories of riots, brutal murders, arson fires, and dreadful accidents are recorded. The 1881 and 1896 Histories of Marshall County make interesting reading.

Interest in education ran early and strong. The 1881 History of Marshall County notes that in 1837 James Parks requested and was granted permission by the commissioner for his son, John F. Parks, to attend Indiana College at Bloomington for two years. In 1871, Bourbon College was established, but the public schools moved into its building in 1877. Bourbon history shows much cultural interest with newspapers, clubs, bands and orchestras. The Bourbon Cornet Band was established in 1866.

Interest in fire protection has always run high. In 1875, the Vigilant Hook and Ladder Company was formed. Other fire fighting organizations followed and continue to this day. Bourbon is known for its excellent fire department and EMS.

Bourbon grew into a fine community with good professional services, businesses and industry, but not without a great deal of giving by many people. Today, there are no Weans in the Bourbon phone book, but if you go to the southeast corner of the Parks/Odd Fellows Cemetery, you will find the Wean monument and learn that both their sons died in the Civil War.

If one thing symbolizes the town of Bourbon above all else it is the The Old Town Pump. Bourbonites are very proud of the memorial to the pump that now is located in Sit Park on the corner of Old US 30 and Main Street. The memorial represents the original wooden pump pictured here.

The dedication reads:


Click to view the memorial in 1929.
Click to view the memorial today.


Clerk Treasurer
Kimberly Berger
104 East Park Avenue
Bourbon, IN 46504
Call 574-342-4755
Fax 574-342-3205
Deputy Treasurers/Utilities
Candace Craft & Emily Stichter
104 East Park Avenue
Bourbon, IN 46504
Call 574-342-4755
Fax 574-342-3205
Police Chief
Bill Martin
224 North Main Street
Bourbon, IN 46504
Emergency 911
Call 574-342-3105
Fire Chief
Brandon Chapman
224 North Main Street
Bourbon, IN 46504
Emergency 911
Call 574-342-2345
Kosciusko Ambulance LLC 574-269-1975
Zoning/Building Commissioner
Bill Keyser
104 East Park Avenue
Bourbon, IN 46504
Wastewater Superintendent
Steve Stacy
104 East Park Avenue
Bourbon, IN 46504
Water Superintendent
Steve Stacy
104 E. Park Avenue
Bourbon, IN 46504
Call 574-342-0223
Street Superintendent
Roger Terry
409 East Center Street
Bourbon, IN 46504
Bourbon Township Trustee
121 East Center Street
Bourbon, IN 46504


The town council meets the secound Tuesday of each month in the town hall located at 104 East Park Avenue at 7PM.


President Les McFarland

Larry Wattenbarger

P.J. Hanley


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Water Tower Bourbon's water source is an underground aquifer of sand and gravel left from a glacial outwash. It is pumped to the treatment plant by means of 200 feet deep welts. At the treatment plant water is aerated and the iron is filtered out. Sodium fluoride is adjusted to the optimum safe level for the prevention of dental cavities in developing teeth. Blended sodium phosphate is added to develop a protective coating on the the inside of pipes to prevent lead and cooper from leeching into the water from your home's plumbing. lastly, chlorine is added to keep the water delivery system disinfected.


Wether your interested in basketball, baseball, softball, playing on the equipment or just relaxing, Bourbon parks offer these activities and a lot more.

Rules and Rental Policy

Park Closes at 11pm
No Pets
No Alcohol
No Illegal Substances

Park Pavillion

  • The pavillion is available for rental from April 1 through October 31.
  • The kitchen is available any day of the year.
  • The pavillion has three sections:
    1. Kitchen - Seating Capacity 40-50
    2. South - Seating Capacity 90-100
    3. North - Seating Capacity 90-100
  • Each section can be reserved for a fee of $25 plus a security deposit of $50 per section.
  • Resevations can be made up to one (1) year in advance.
  • Reservations can be made by contacting the Clerk's Office at 574-342-4755 or by email.
  • Refundable security deposit required at the time of reservation. (The Park Custodian, after checking the premises, will inform the Clerk's Office if the deposit is to be returned.)
  • Reservations must be paid for at the time they are made. If for any reason you need to cancel the reservation it must be done at least two (2) weeks in advance for the deposit to be refunded.
  • The white plastic tables and chairs are not to be removed from the pavillion! They are not available for rental or loan.
  • The brown metal tables and chairs can be rented (tables: $1 each; chairs: $.50 each). Contact the Clerk's Office.
  • Local not-for-profit clubs and organizations are exempt from charges, but must be sure to clean up when finished.

Splash Park

The Splash pad is open from Memorial Day until Labor Day and is operating daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Veiw Slideshow

Please keep our park clean and pleasent. Wipe up all spills and pick up all trash. Insects can become a health hazard when food and drinks are not cleaned up immediately.

There is no charge for use of the small shelter located on the west end of the park. First come-first use basis.

The several grills around the park can be used by anyone. Please pick up all trash when finished.

Thank you and have a wonderful time.


The Triton School Corporation is dedicated to providing the children of our community with the best education possible encouraging all students to achieve their personal best academically, personally, and developmentally while endeavoring to provide a safe, positive environment. The Corporation strives to build confident, lifelong learners for a diverse and global society.

You can be assured that the staff will do their best to care for and educate your child. They team up with parents to make sure their child has every opportunity to be successful and to be prepared to meet future challenges.

Bourbon Christian School is coed and Mennonite affiliated, serving grades 1-12. From its beginning, Accelerated Christian Education has maintained high Biblical and academic standards and remained committed to setting children on a path for success. The goal is the same today: to prepare children for the world today and give them the academic and spiritual tools necessary to achieve their God-given potential.

Bourbon Public Library

Bourbon Public Library is located at 307 N. Main St. and offers a wide array of materials, programs, and technology for all ages in the community. Servicing the community since 1940, the Library is constantly evolving to serve current needs - eBooks, WiFi, laptops, BluRays, and more! Partnering with local schools and businesses, we are proud to offer Summer Discovery programs, 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten programs, presentations from local police, fire, ems, authors, artists, and more! The friendly staff can also help with copying, faxing, and scanning services. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@BourbonPL) and see what's coming up next! Hours: M/T/Th - 10am-8pm, W/F - 10am-5pm, Sat - 10am-3pm.


Matchett Sqaure Bourbon Senior Center located at 805 N. Harris serves REAL Service lunches to Seniors Monday thru Friday. REAL Services, believing in the dignity of all people, will provide services to eligible persons without regard to race, creed, sex, or national origin. Also available for wedding receptions, meetings, parties, reunions and more. Call Dena Wattenbanger at 574-342-0925.


Celebrating Art, Food & Fun! Bourbon Summerfest is held each year during the second weekend in August. Booths of various arts & crafts and delicious foods are lined up for the public to enjoy. There is a talent show a car show, live entertainment and much more.

During Halloween Week the town sponsors a family-oriented event the includes a party at the park, costume judging, a cake walk and refreshments.


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